Housing at Wonder Valley Ranch Resort


Dorms at Wonder Valley Ranch Resort
  • Each room in the dorm hall houses up to 10 people in 5 bunk beds. Beds are not preassigned; dancers may choose any of the remaining available beds when they arrive. Arrive early if you have a strong preference for top or bottom bunk.
  • Comfortable, "real" mattresses.
  • In-wall air conditioning and heating.
  • Individual closet space for each dancer.
  • Shared bathroom at the center of the dorm hall (one each for men and women), with private shower and toilet stalls.
  • Linens (towel, sheets, pillow) provided, as well as soap and shampoo.
  • We will not mix sexes for the room assignments.
  • About 500 foot walk to the dance hall (flat terrain).


Hotel-style rooms at Wonder Valley Ranch Resort
  • Hotel-style rooms can be arranged as:
    • Quad โ€” Four people in twin beds
    • Double โ€” Two people in king beds
    • Single โ€” One person in a king bed
  • Private bathroom with double sink, corner shower, closet area.
  • Mini-fridge and Keurig.
  • Air conditioning and heating.
  • Linens (towel, sheets, pillow) and daily towel exchange are included.
  • Most rooms are between 500 and 700 feet from the dance hall; the farthest is 900 feet (all flat terrain).

Map of Wonder Valley

Wonder Valley Ranch Resort map

We will be dancing in the Lakeshore Lodge and dining in the Dalton Room. The dorm hall is Cedar Hall. The hotel rooms are in the Lakeside Rooms, Sierra Rooms, Poolside Rooms, and Sequoia Rooms, with some additional space in the Dalton Cottages.