Just over one week until the first, luau-themed Nirkoda! @Stanford party!

I'm getting very excited for the first Nirkoda! @Stanford party!!!! It's just over a week away, on Sat., Oct 6. Do you have your luau themed outfit picked out yet? I do! Anyway, please let me know if you have comments or questions, or if you just want to say that you're excited, too. As always, details are available on this website. See ya there!


Nirkoda! @Stanford


Nirkoda! is a semi-regular (about every 6 weeks) Israeli Dance party held at Stanford Hillel. Dancing starts at 8:30pm and continues until midnight. It is an open-dancing style harkada with requests, DJ'd by Aaron Alpert, with little or no teaching. It's $10 general admission, free for children and students under 25. (No one will be turned away for lack of funds; if this is financially burdensome, pay what you can.) If you have questions, email me.

Announcing Nirkoda! @Stanford; Subbing for Loui

First off, I'm very excited to announce the start of NIRKODA! @STANFORD. I'm going to be hosting an Israeli Dance party on Saturday nights at Stanford Hillel semi-regularly (about every 6 weeks). Details (and flyers and emails and Facebook invites and a dedicated page on this website) will be forthcoming, but for now, the tentative start date is October 6. There next two will be in early December and mid-January. It's an event you won't want to miss!